What is a project, provide examples of projects in your own words.
What constitutes a project? For example: A project has a beginning and an end.
Describe project management benefits.

NOTE: Answers are due on no later than Friday, July 5th at 11.59 p.m. and responses to classmates are due no later than July 7th at 11:59.
Anyone can become a project manager in a company. A project manager need not be a technology or subject expert, but trained in project management. However, it depends upon the abilities and personality of the person. The APA writing format is no longer required by IGlobal University but is a recommended writing format. It is important that your answers are written in your own words in white paper format. Your own insights are essential in order to demonstrate critical thinking abilities as well as behaviors and attributes of a successful project manager in the process.
In order to understand the latest PMBOK 6th Edition track, click on the linkNEW! Elaboration of the Processes Flow of the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition (Links to an external site.)
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