alternative assignment to the joshua tree experience

Alternative assignment to the Joshua Tree Experience
Description: The alternative assignment is a project that substitutes the backpacking experience in the course RTM 302 for those students that had a valid reason to miss the experience. Written approval from the professor must be granted prior to starting the assignment. The tasks in the project attempt, by self-discovery and reflection, to offer the student an understanding of the outdoor leadership, backpacking principles and practices.
Tasks (all):

Watch this video Leave No Trace – A Backpackers Oath – (Links to an external site.)on Leave No Trace and create a one-page summary of the LNT Principles. (5 points)
Watch the movie “Wild” (Links to an external site.) or Walk in the Woods (Links to an external site.) and create a one-page summary. (5 points)
Read chapter 1 of the AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership (2nd) by Alex Kosseff and answer these questions in a 3-4 pages paper.

Explain the four fundamental responsibilities of outdoor leaders. (5 points)
Give an example for each one of these four fundamentals as they relate to a backpacking trip in Joshua Tree. Feel free to use examples from your answer to question 1. (5 points)
Describe the 3 foundations of effective leadership. (5 points)
What does the author mean by “Keeping your stool in balance”? (5 points)

Write a 4-page summary on each one of these chapters, 3, 7, 10 and 11 from the AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership book. (10 points)

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