annual human resources operating plan 1

The Annual Human Resources Operating Plan should support objectives that are driven appropriately by the organization’s strategic goals and/or strategies and supported by references.
To complete this Assignment, complete the following steps:

Complete the Annual Human Resources Operating Plan that you began formalizing in Week 5, including work from previous weeks (Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5) in a 10- to 20-page document, excluding the title page, references and appendices, using the provided AHROP Template, attached.
Ensure that you have incorporated suggestions in feedback from your Instructor on sections already reviewed in previous weeks.
Include, this week, in the Appendix, a final version of the Balanced Scorecard you submitted in the Week 6 Assignment, together with the existing HR Gap Analysis (Appendix A) that you completed in Week 2 and the HR SWOT Analysis (Appendix B) completed in Week 4.
The HR Gap and SWOT analyses serve as the basis for the HR Strategies in the ARHOP, which you write this week, EACH with their own set of 6 -8 action steps (bullet points) needed to make the strategy happen. *HR leaders write the AHROP, but many people help with the implementation, so action steps must be clear and written for each strategy.
Write Sections 5 and 6, drawing upon work already previously completed.

I have attached the assignments from weeks 2-5 to assist with the assignment. I am also attaching a sample copy of an Annual Human Resource Operating Plan.
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