answer questions in bold thoroughly no outside research please

no cover page needed, answer questions in bold separate each section of question with the title such as chapter 12 no arms no legs
chapter 12 no arms, no legs
James Vujicic is a man who was born with Tetric-amelia syndrome; he is a man with no arms and no legs. Imagine the struggles in life that he has had, and will continue to have. Yet, his attitude seems upbeat and positive, with a focus on what he can, rather than what he can’t do. How would humanistic theory explain his personality?
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chapter 12 unconditional positive regard
Unconditional positive regard is a must in Carl Rogers’ humanistic client centered therapy.
Imagine that you are a psychologist who is treating a murderer or a child molester. Do you think the psychologist should give the client unconditional positive regard? Why or why not?

chapter 12 self-actualization
Self-actualization is the goal of humanistic therapy. Maslow believed that less than 1% of the entire population ever achieves self-actualization. Who is an example of someone (past or present) who has achieved self-actualization? Why did you choose this person? Do you think there needs to be hardship in life to propel that special someone towards self-actualization?
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