Argumentative essay about the book Jane Eyre

You are going to write about this book on the website called “värt att läsa”. The other writers on the website questions if this book really is a classic. They invite you as a guest writer.
The framework for the work is:

  • Write a text that is 600 – 800 words long where you argue for or against the book’s status as a classic.

You may dispose the text at your own discretion, however, the following point must be included somewhere in the text:

  • Briefly about the book (plot, environment, people, theme, motifs, etc.) I suggest you do this in the introduction part of the text.
  • Tell us about the era it was signed during. Also this in the beginning somewhere.
  • Describe what is realistic/naturalistic in the novel.
  • Select an episode or quote from the book that has made an impression, positive or negative. Of course, justify what impression the quote/ episode made.
  • Introduce the author: Do not include too many dry facts, but try to find something different about the novel’s author. Remember source!
  • Argue for or against the book’s status as classic. Is it worth its place in world litterature?



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