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  This assignment has two parts:
Part 1: Article Analysis
Knowing the difference between applied and basic research is necessary for developing an effective research study. 
The difference between basic research and applied lies in their respective aims.Basic research refers to research aimed at acquiring new, fundamental knowledge and theoretical understanding about basic human and other natural processes without any particular application in view.Applied research also is conducted as an original investigation to acquire new knowledge, but it is primarily directed toward practical objectives with the aim of providing relatively immediate solutions.
Locate an applied research article on a topic in your program of study from the University Library. To familiarize yourself with the different applied designs, review the Qualitative and Quantitative research designs in the Dissertation Guide located in CDS Central.Some key words to use while searching for an article in the library might include: Action Research, Program Evaluation, etc.
Write a 350- to 525-word analysis about what makes the study discussed in the article applied versus basic research. Include in your analysis:–         How the study in the article addresses a real-world, practical problem–         How the results of the study could impact people’s lives, work, health, and/or general well-beingProvide a properly APA formatted citations and references with links to the articles.
Part 2: Accessibility
Reminder: Additionally, an important aspect of choosing a topic is access or the ability to conduct your study. For example, you may want to know how leaders in XYZ company use social media to increase sales, but leaders in XYZ company are unwilling to talk to you. If you are not able to gain accessibility to the leaders, then you will not be able to gather the data you need for your study.
When selecting a topic for your study, consider whether conducting the study would involve talking to protected classes of people or vulnerable populations. Federal regulations require protecting the welfare of vulnerable subjects who may not be of age, have the authority or ability to speak for themselves, or are vulnerable in any other way. Protected classes include the following:·        children or minors under age 18·        prisoners·        pregnant women·        people with cognitive impairments or mental disabilities·        people who are educationally or economically disadvantaged
If you are considering conducting research with any of the protected classes of human subjects, consider options for conducting your study in a different way. For example, instead of talking to minor children, talk to their parents. There are many creative options!
Write a 250- to 500-word response to the following questions related to access and permission:·        What permissions will you need to access the people, organizations, and/or data to conduct your research?·        Who might you need to consult to gain permission to conduct your study?·        What potential issues might you encounter?·        How might you address these potential issues?
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