Bill Bowers Beyond Words Video Discussion

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WATCH the show Beyond Words: (Links to an external site.)

Please type it up (or DOWNLOAD FORM, edit and save) and SUBMIT VIA CANVAS AS A .DOC, .DOCX, OR .TXT FILE.

I am looking for thorough answers of about a paragraph each.

  1. What do you believe Bill would want his audience to walk away from the show with? What do you think he hoped to communicate to his audience, what type of change would he hope for?
  2. What was one of the most compelling moments in the show for you? Why do you think it was so compelling for you? Think about both subject matter and how he delivered the moment on stage.
  3. Pick one moment from the show Beyond Words and tell me how Bill communicated character clearly in that moment (think physical/vocal life of the character, rhythm/tempo and any other dynamics you think applied).

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