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Industry Research and Analysis with ANOVA

  Industry Research and Analysis with ANOVA In Case 1, you used in Excel and it provided suggestions about the data. For this case, you will be using ANOVAs to look for differences. Wording for ANOVAs: (Null Hypothesis) H0: There is no difference in Survey Measure by Demographic.(Alternate Hypothesis) H1: There is a difference in […]

Global Supply Chain – Assignment:

Due 12/18/22: What is YOUR assessment of China’s Belt & Road Initiative (i.e. how do you see it impacting the global supply chain and USA’s strategic interest)?  How has the COVID pandemic impacted its development? Must include the following:1) Have you incorporated my feedback to your draft?2) Your response needs to be 5 pages (other […]

I need a discussion don for wk 10 and a response to 2 other classmates for my operational Excellence

essons Learned in Operational Excellence What are your key takeaways from this course? What are your favorite tools that you studied in this course? What do you like most about them? When answering this question, consider: ease of implementation, application to your particular organization, receptivity by your colleagues, etc. How have you applied, or how […]

hm – Assignment:

 1.    How is health defined? What aspects are incorporated into the World Health Organization definition?2.    What is the Iron triangle of healthcare? How does one pillar affect the other?3.    Describe the different types of care and give examples of each.4.    Discuss the philosophical differences that comprise the culture war and how it affects U.S. health […]

Discussion 150 WORDS – Assignment:

 There are a number of economic measures used to analyze economic conditions. Some of the major ones include: Gross domestic product (GDP) Gross national product (GNP). Unemployment Inflation Rate Consumer Price Index (CPI) The Interest Rate New Factory Orders Business Inventories The Consumer Confidence Index Index of leading Indicators (See this link for more details […]

Analyze McDonalds social responsibility issues in diff countries of operations

Research social responsibility issues in the countries of operation of Mcdonald’s  and analyze:- 1) how the organization is or is not addressing these.   2) Identify recommendations for enhancement of these in development activities. This is going to be a slide presentation with robust, scholarly slide notes (in text and citations) to explain each slide.  […]

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