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Assignment – Assignment:

Option #2: Learning Materials Choose two of the historical resources (not the articles defining technological determinism & social constructivism) from the Required Learning Materials that interest you and then do the following:  Put full citations for both of the resources in MLA format at the top of your post.  For each resource, explain whether it takes the approach of […]


  You have been hired to oversee the decentralization of your clients human resources function in which corporate functions will be relocated to each regional office. Your boss wants you to start the project immediately, but you are insisting that a project charter be established first. Explain to your boss the importance of a project […]

week 4 assignemt – Assignment:

  Encryption It is common in todays environment for healthcare providers and patients to use email or texting to communicate with each other. Prepare a procedure on secure messaging. What are the key components of the federal regulation 45 CFR Part 170.314(e) (3) Secure messaging? Include a summary of what information between provider and patient […]

HR – Assignment:

  Abusive Workplace Behavior   Dona recently started a new industry research job, joining the interactive technologies team. In graduate school, her advisor had collaborated with several members of the team on several research projects, involving and highlighting Donas contributions whenever possible. The team had been impressed by Donas work and recruited her as she was […]

Applied Managerial Marketing – Assignment:

4-6 pages Goal setting is a common practice in marketing. It is important to set goals in the marketing strategy plan so that the marketing practices are aligned with the overall goals of the business. SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. These goals are applicable in business as well as for yourself. […]

week 2 ass 420 – Assignment:

  Disaster Planning and Recovery From a healthcare organization perspective, develop a disaster recovery plan for either an organization or a hospital department. Include A description of healthcare disaster issues in general and for your state. Develop a list of consequences of loss of data from a disaster (for example, risk of losing data required […]

Milestone 2 (600) – Assignment:

 Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Five, you will analyze HR strategic initiatives of employee and labor relations that positively impact organizational effectiveness. The three critical element focus on employee discipline, performance management, and employee and labor relations. Prompt: First, read Chapters 8 and 14 in your text, the Harvard Business Review article Discipline […]

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