content area comprehension strategy lesson plan

Develop a content area comprehension strategy lesson plan.
Include the following in your lesson plan:

A grade level and specific content area on which to focus the lesson
Objectives for the lesson
Common Core or other state reading/language arts standards to be integrated into the lesson
Common Core or other state content area standards to be addressed in the lesson
A reading activity that enhances students’ comprehension of the content area text
Sequence of the lesson, including an appropriate comprehension strategy that fosters metacognition
Specific techniques, modifications, or adaptations for English language learners and students with special needs
Integration of technology tools into the lesson
An appropriate method for assessing student engagement and learning
An appropriate questioning technique to be used before, during, and after the reading of content area texts

Consider the following questions as you create your lesson plan:

How will the teacher activate and use students’ schema in the lesson?
How can the instructional techniques in the lesson plan help students determine important information and synthesize facts, opinions, and other data when reading content area texts?

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