Creating A Simple Web Page using HTML

Your main webpage must have the following:
1 A few headings which may be in a couple of places in the page. 
2 A link to a fictitious email address.
3 A link to the COMP 1001 course home page.
4 A horizontal rule (i.e. a line) at the bottom of the page.
5 Make sure that at least one picture is on the page somewhere (try to use a small one).  You can have many.
6 Choose several different colors for text and graphics.
7 A link to your topics page in Part2.
Save the file as mypage.html in notepad. Note avoid having the double extension .txt.html
Note that you can open the file using Firefox or any browser to see how the page looks.  You can do this often while creating the page after saving the page. You may have to use “reload” to get the latest version of your HTML file.

Part 2: Create the second page: a topics page (16 POINTS)

Create another file named rembrandt.html.

The topic will be “The Mill” by the Painter Rembrandt van Rijn. It is at the National Gallery in Washington.  Using the web search tool of your choice, search for web pages using the description of your topic as search words (Use three keywords in a single search). Find at least three pages at different sites.

The web pagerembrandt.html should have:

1 A title indicating the topic.
2 At least one appropriate heading.
3 At least one paragraph of text related to your topic.
4 An ordered list of at least 3 links to the other pages (links that you’ve found using your search).
5 An Italicized and a bolded keywords in the paragraph of text.
6 A link at the bottom of the page that points back to your homepage. Separate it from the rest of the page using a horizontal rule.
7 Before the list of links, in the HTML source file, include a comment with the URL of the web search engine that you used, and the exact keywords you used for the search.
8 Add a link from the topic page back to your home page.  Make sure the link text makes sense.

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