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Crypto-Mining Financial Plan
Create financial statements, cash flow.
· Estimate the capital requirements,
· use of capital,
· start-up requirements
· other probable costs involved in the implementation and subsequent operation of your project.
· Define a payback period.
· Prepare cash flow projections.
· Prepare a projected balance sheet representing the end of the first calendar year of operations and defining assets and liabilities, both current and long term.
· Prepare income statement projections for the end of the first calendar year of operations, including charts showing
· gross revenues
· gross profit
· net income
· Define the meaning of a break-even analysis and prepare an analysis appropriate for your project.
· Prepare a ratio analysis, including the definition and value of the following ratios (whichever applicable)—current, quick, debt, debt-to-equity, average inventory turnover, receivables turnover, payables turnover, net sales to working capital, net profit to sales, and net profit to equity.
USB drives $ 0.87 each x 10,000 units
Postage $ 1.00 each x 10,000 units
Development $ 2000.00 annual
Website $ 1000.00 annual
Hosting $ 1000.00 annual
Advertising $ 3000.00 monthly
Salaries $ 2000.00 monthly
3% on all accounts, any crypto currency.
Typical monthly earnings per user = $150 x .0.03 = $4.5 per user
Income projections per number-of-users
100 / 1000 / 5000 / 10,000, etc….


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