Cuvie bar 7000 Puffs

The New HQD Cuvie Bar 7000 Puffs

The HQD Company is one of the best disposable companies in the world. What is great about the company is the fact they keep continuing its innovation by introducing new vape devices to the market. Today, the company has announced its new 7000 Hits device – HQD CUVIE BAR .

New Cuvie Bar is an amazing disposable vape pen that contains 50mh (5%) of Salt-Nicotine flavored fruits and comes with amazing flavors. Each device has a rechargeable battery and huge liquid tank that can give you up to 7000 hits of high-quality juice. Each flavor was crafted in a balanced way to ensure the highest level of vape pleasure and to give you the Nicotine rush you desire. Shop all HQD CUVIE BAR FLAVORS on one page without switching between pages. Or simply click on the flavor you would like to try from the list below.

Black Ice Cuvie Bar | Blueberry Raspberry Cuvie Bar | Cactus Kiwi Cuvie Bar | Cool Mint Cuvie Bar | Desert Breeze Cuvie Bar | Grapey Cuvie Bar | Kiwi Strawberry Cuvie Bar | Lime Passion Fruit Cuvie Bar | Lush Ice Cuvie Bar | Mango Watermelon Cuvie Bar | Mix Berries Cuvie Bar | Mojito Mix Berries Cuvie Bar | Rainbow Twist Cuvie Bar | Sky Mint Cuvie Bar .


Ingredients of HQD Cuvie Bar

The HQD Cuvie Bar ingredients has a lithium battery that depends on the number of cycles. Then, Vegetable glycerine, Propylene glycol and Nicotine salt.



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