Declined Payments


Declined Payments using Debit or Credit card

When it comes to declined payments, there are several reasons that your payment was declined depending on your payment method:

Reasons to be declined:

  1. LindasHelp uses the international payment processor  “SafeCharge” and its partner company G2S “Gate to Shop”. Therefore, your card issuer may recognized the payment as an “international payment”, and for protection reasons, your card issuer may blocked your payment.
  2. Used different names with email addresses.
  3. Entered an invalid card/PayPal information


  1. Most declined payments are caused by your card issuer. To solve the issue, simply call the card issuer to unblock future payments made to SafeCharge or Gate to shop.
  2. Try to use a different card
  3. In the payment options page, choose to pay through PayPal if you have an active PayPal account instead of debit / credit cards.
  4. Most importantly, try to be consistent with the email address and the name you use. Each time you process a payment try to use the same first/last name you used with the email address. if you change names and change email addresses you may trigger fraud filters which blocks your IP address from processing payments.
  5. Finally, if you still encountering any issue, proceed to the following alternative payment option .

Alternative Payment option:

If the above solutions did not work with you, CLICK HERE to proceed to an alternative payment option.

Alternative Order option:

You can place your order using an alternative order option by going to the following link :


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