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1- This assignment is similar to an earlier Python programming assignment.  In fact you can start with the same design.
Complete Exercise 10 at the end of JLK chapter 3 (pg.54) as a programming assignment.  This involves  and branching to determine which quadrant a point is in and the use of the Java’s hypotenuse function to determine a point’s distance from the origin in a Cartesian coordinate system.
According to Java’s specifications, Java’s hypotenuse function is:
static double   hypot(double x, double y)  returns sqrt(x2 +y2)
the word static at the beginning tells that the function is used with name of it’s class, like this:
dist = Math.hypot(12.0, 16.0)   
Notice the capital M.  Math is a class name, and  names of classes are usually capitalized.  We do not need an import statement to use the Math class in Java, provided we include the name of the class with calls to methods from the class.
the word double at the beginning tells us the function returns a value of datatype double,  The specification also tells us that it takes two parameters of type double (they can be variables or values), and it will return the square root of the two values each squared and added together.   
I suggest you complete the first Zybooks reading assignment and look at the example with nested if else statements on page 32 of JLK chapter 3 before doing this assignment
Note: If a point is on the x-axis or the y-axis, which quadrant is it in?  The specifications answer this question. Read the conditions in the problem carefully and make sure the logic in your software matches what it says.
You should submit the zipped IntelliJ project file for this assignment. 
2- Complete any one of the ten programming problems at the end of JLK Chapter 4 except number 3  — the guessing game.  If you choose the problem similar to the one you chose for the Python repetition assignment in week 4 then you can use the same design for your software.
Remember, Java has a for command for count controlled loops, which may be useful for some of the problems,
You should try to format the output to make it look nice.  Lesson 4.4 on page 19 of JLK chapter 4 describes the use of printf () for formatted output.  
Pay attention — some of the problems that seem simple are actually more complicated and vice-versa.  You inly need to submit one program, but you should read through most of them and see if you understand how to do each one. 
You should begin with documentation as a design tool, but only need to submit the zipped IntelliJ file foryour finished project..


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