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Exploring the rate of seasonal-pattern depression in an Inuit community

Method: Qualitative
Design Study: Ethnographic
Rationale: The method is qualitative because qualitative studies do not focus on numbers or variables.  Qualitative research focuses on the feeling, beliefs, and/or perception.  The design is ethnographic because the study is exploring participants in their environment (Houser, 2018).

Democracy in America

Method: Qualitative
Design Study: Historical
Rationale:  Qualitative research focuses on the perception and values.  The design is a Historical Study.  This design study uses data from the past as it relates to the current Democracy in America. Allowing for data on the progression of a perception (Houser, 2018).

The relationship between compassion fatigue and burnout among critical care nurses

Method: Quantitative
Design Study: Correlation
Rationale: Quantitative methods of research focus on data that are mensurable.  Compassion fatigue and burnout among nurses is a measurable study. The study allows for the collection of data between two variables.  The two variables of this study are compassion fatigue and burnout among critical nurses. (Houser, 2018)

Two drugs for Alzheimer’s show promise

Method: Quantitative
Design Study: Experimental design
Rationale: Quantitative methods of research will focus on the two drugs. I chose experimental design because this type of study is used in comparing a test group to a control group. (Houser, 2018)

Evaluating technology with student success

Method: Quantitative
Design Study: Case Study
Rational: Quantitative method is used to measure student success. Case studies are used to determine the data related to a single event.  In this case, the event is how technology affects compares to success (Houser, 2018).

Factors that influence weight control among women

Method: Quantitative
Design Study: Case Study
Rationale: Quantitative methods of research focus on data that are measurable, such as numbers and variables. A case study could be used for the factors influencing weight control. In this study, the researchers are investigating the factors that influence weight control in the female population (Houser, 2018).

The meaning of living with brain injury and stroke 10 years after the injury

Method: Qualitative
Design Study: Phenomenological
Rationale:  Qualitative research focuses on the feeling and perceptions of the specific population being investigated. A phenomenological study is a lived experience therefore I believe this could be the design study (Houser, 2018).

Exploring the beliefs of healing among Aborigines

Method: Qualitative
Design Study:  Ethnography
Rationale: I chose qualitative, because the study is exploring the beliefs of a specific population, and beliefs cannot be measured.  The design study is ethnography, because this type of study focuses on the culturally beliefs over a extended period of time (Houser, 2018).
Houser, J. (2018). Nursing research: Reading, using, and creating evidence (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Retrieved from https://digitalbookshelf.south
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