DesignaDimensionalSchema.docx – Assignment:

Assessment Description
Designing a dimensional (star) model involves considering which dimensions to use with the Fact table representing the chosen subject. The goal of this part is to design a dimensional (star) model for a data warehouse that enables analysis of sales by Product, Customer, Store, and Date.
For this assignment, refer to the “SYM-408 Dimensional Diagram” (attached below) document to complete the assignment.
Design a dimensional (star) model and include the following:
1. Design the Dimensions and the Fact.
2. Take a screenshot showing your Dimensions and Fact.
3. Load the Dimensions and the Fact with relevant data from the operational database you designed in Step 1 above, making sure to capture all of the queries.
4. Take a screenshot(s) to show that all relevant data has been loaded.
5. Write a query in SQL to get the quantities of the sold products on Wednesday in the category Footwear provided by vendor Pacific Gear within the tri-state region between the 1st and the 2nd quarter of 2013.
6. Take a screenshot showing the query and the results.
7. In a succinct paragraph, explain how the ability to obtain information like that discovered in the above query could guide critical business decisions.
Submit the following in a single document compatible with the digital classroom (e.g., Microsoft Word). Include a one-line description above each screenshot.
· Screenshot showing Dimensions and Fact
· Screenshot(s) showing all relevant data loaded
· Screenshot(s) showing query and results of query
· Paragraph explaining how queries like this could guide critical business decisions

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Rubric Criteria
Expand All Rubric CriteriaExpand All
Dimensions and Fact
17.5 points
Loads Dimensions and Fact with Relevant Data
17.5 points
Query in SQL
14 points
Explains How the SQL Query Can Guide Critical Business Decisions
14 points
Mechanics of Writing
3.5 points
Solid Academic Writing and Documentation

SYM-408 Dimensional Diagram

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