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Discuss the remote administration system mechanism and explain its potential relationship with the resource, SLA, and billing management systems. (Maximum 50 words to discuss this topic)
Discuss the purpose of the billing management system mechanism and explain its relationship with the billing management system and pay-per-use monitor mechanisms. (Maximum 50 words to discuss this topic)
Discuss the encryption security mechanism and explain how it works in relation to plaintext and cipher-text, as well as the use of shared keys. Further, explain how encryption can be applied within and outside cloud boundaries. (Maximum 50 words to discuss this topic)
Discuss the identity and access management (IAM) security mechanism, explain the purpose of the identity store established by an IAM, and explain how an IAM can establish roles and rules. (Maximum 50 words to discuss this topic)
List the security threats addressed by the use of cloud-based security groups. (Maximum 25 words to discuss this topic)

Erl, T., Puttini, R., & Mahmood, Z. (2013). Cloud computing: concepts, technology & architecture: Pearson Education.


To complete this assignment you are required to use “ONLY” your textbook by Erl, Puttini, and Mahmood (2013, pp. 213-252). Your discussion must be supported by the information in your textbook. Do not use any other source to support your discussion or statement. Use only your textbook.
You need to list the page number from your textbook to support your finding. All citation must follow APA style, structure, and formatting.
Use the basic citation styles mentioned in the APA Manual, Sixth Editions, to cite your sources.
If you MUST directly quote a source, then cite it properly, in compliance with APA. If you use a direct quote and don’t cite the source, you will receive zero (0) for the assignment.
Respond to at least two other posts. Comment on their choice, and state whether you disagree or agree with their statement. Support your argument with the information from your textbook and include the page number from the textbook.

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