discussion board at least 400 words in total

Create a secure password and address one of the topics below:

What makes a secure password secure?
As the system administrator for a medium-sized company, how would you convince users that letting the computer operating system or browser application remember their passwords is against good security practices?
Why are user accounts typically the first target of a hacker who has gained access to an organizationâ€s network?
Describe why all users are expected to keep their passwords secret along with the possible consequences of not keeping their password a secret.
Evaluate the following statement: To increase security, all data should be encrypted before transport.
Is it safe to install a minor software patch that is primarily a bug fix?
Why should a risk assessment take place at the beginning of the code creation project?
Explain the following: Data Remanence, Distributed Denial of Service, SQL Injection, Emanation.

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