Domestic Terrorism Explodes in the 1960s-1970s

 After you finish reading the article you are to write a critique. You are to submit a critique of the article in the submission box and must use a minimum of 300 words per question regarding the topic and article listed below. Do not just use one sentence (use sentences) to explain or answer each question/component. Make sure you cite references and textbook pages for information to answer these questions.  
The expansion of plane travel beyond an elite few in the 1950s and 1960s enabled hijacking or skyjacking, as it was known then. In the United States, flights going to and from Cuba frequently hijacked, although not always motivated by a strong political intention.

This was the era, in other parts of the world, of post-colonial national liberation movements. In Algeria, in the Middle East, in Cuba, guerrilla warfare was “revolutionary chic” as much as it was a serious tactic. Both the serious intention and the youthful fashion took hold in the United States.

1. What are some recent examples of alleged homegrown terrorists?
2.Why are homegrown terrorists the most d ifficult to detect?
3. Define “homegrown terrorists” domestic terrorists. 
4. What are some possible reasons for the increase in the number of domestic terrorist? 
5. Provide characteristics of domestic terrorists: age, gender, social economic status (SES), race/ethnicity, and any other common characteristics. 
6. What are the typical punishments for domestic terrorists? 
7. What type of punishment should they receive and why? 
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