Domestic Violence Paper

Project Description
Course Outcomes and the Applied Final Project 
As a result of completing the final project, students will demonstrate their ability to: 

Distinguish among the complexities and multifaceted nature of domestic violence to assess institutional, community, and individual responses; 
Apply knowledge of research and theory of domestic violence to identify the scope of the issue within society and dispel commonly held misconceptions;         
Locate and evaluate resources relevant to domestic violence issues in order to effect social change. 

Throughout this course, we have been examining the Pulitzer prize winning series by the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., “Till Death Do Us Part.”
Applying the concepts, theories and content that you have learned in this course, write a paper that evaluates how accurately and thoughtfully the series addresses the issues of intimate partner violence, homicide, institutional, community and individual responses.
Step 1

Write a paper (no more than 6 pages in length) that includes the following:
Evaluation of how accurately and thoughtfully the series addresses the issue of intimate partner violence and homicide based on what you have learned throughout this course.
Some suggested topics to cover:

What are some of the characteristics of the abusers who are discussed?
What were some of the dynamics of domestic violence in the cases presented?
What was the effect on the children who witnessed the violence?
What challenges were present in South Carolina in addressing domestic violence? Are these challenges unique to South Carolina or present elsewhere in other jurisdictions?
How did the system (police, courts, legislature, etc.) respond to the problem?
How did the community respond to the problem?
What did you like most about the series? What did you like least about the series?
Did the series identify the appropriate problems and solutions?
How effective was this series in bringing about change?

Additional information about your paper:

The paper requires a cover sheet (title page) and a reference page.
The total number of pages for the content of this assignment is no more than 6. 
The paper should follow APA style.
The paper should be double-spaced
Paragraphs should be indented 5 spaces
The pages should be numbered.

 Step 2

Helpful Hints

When quoting or summarizing any information from the course materials or any other resource materials be sure to cite and reference this information following APA Guidelines.
Be concise! Remember that the body of your final paper should be only 6 pages long. 
Failure to include concepts, theories and/or content from the course will result in lost points.  This assignment is intended to demonstrate applied learning (i.e., how well you are able to apply concepts, theories and content from the course to “real world” examples).   

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