entd321 wk 7 implementation and peer review

Discussion Points
Part I
When do we start testing and what are the different types of testing that can be performed? A web search for relevant articles and information could be employed to assist you in your response.
Part II. Design Peer Review
From your Design Specification, please post an image of one or more of the following: architecture diagram, application class diagram, detailed class diagram, test cases and scenario, persistent class diagram with SQL statements, or sample Java statements in the Design Peer Review with a brief discussion of its contents, how it meets the requirements in the IT Online Requirement specification, and any features you like or issues you encountered. An image is easier for everyone to access.
Forum Rubric:

Rubric for Learner Posts


Synthesis of concepts in 250 or more words (critical to class performance)


Applications of personal experience


Writing standards


Response to two or more students 150 words or More


Timeliness: (deduction) Optional


Please use APA formatting and in text cititation
Please No Plagiarism
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