Excel – Assignment:

Creating accurate calculations is the heart of Excel.  You can simply type in calculations with arithmetic operators, like =B5+B6+B7, or use functions such as the well-known SUM function, like =SUM(B5:B7).  The SUM function is great for adding up a column of numbers, but did you realize, there are more than 450 functions embedded in Excel?  I don’t mean the functionalities of Excel, such as spell check on the Review tab, I mean the actual functions that perform math found categorized in the Function Library on the Formulas ribbon.
Try this:  In Excel, select any category and function in the Function Library on the Formulas ribbon. When the dialog box opens, click “Help on this Function” link in the bottom left corner of the dialog box.  You will be taken to directions and examples for how to use that function and what arguments (components) are required, so you can always learn the functions you need!  Cancel when you are done exploring.  Take your time learning the functions that will streamline your work as you go through each chapter!
In your initial post to this Discussion, share how you might utilize specific mathematical functions in Excel.  These may be functions you know, or ones you still want to learn.  If you have already worked with particular functions, share how you used them in your work or project, or ways that you want to use functions in your future.
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