financial management in information technology

You will be required to submit a final paper which will synthesize all that you have learned in the module. This goal of this project is to capture the various strategic elements that you have learned about. The project should provide an executive summary and then an in-depth description of the strategic components that have resonated with you. Select a topic that interests you. Identify the various issues that should be addressed when working on this topic. If you cannot utilize a “real-life” example, you could create a fictional one. The paper should be 12-15 pages in length and fully cover the assigned topic. More information about the paper will be in the Final Paper/Presentation section of Blackboard. You will also be required to prepare a presentation that will be uploaded to Blackboard. The presentation is an executive overview of your paper and should be 8-10 minutes in length. Your presentation will include speaker notes for each slide.
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