Fume Unlimited & Cuvie Box Q&A

Fume Unlimited & Cuvie Box Q&A

Update: Many customers reported issues related to rechargeable Fume Unlimited and HQD Cuvie Box. Here are some Q&A 

What type of USB charger is used to charge Fume Unlimited or HQD Cuvie Box

USB type C.

How long does it take to recharge Fume Unlimited or HQD Cuvie Box?

It takes approximately 3-4 hours maximum to recharge the device.

How to tell if Fume Unlimited or HQD Cuvie Box battery is dead? 

When a battery starts running low, you will see the light blinking. it means it needs a recharge.

My Fume Unlimited or HQD Cuvie Box, what should I do

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of testing products before shipping. We are just resellers of these products. For defective products contact Fume or HQD directly for any complaints related to their devices.

Do you offer refund or exchange for any defective devices. 

Unfortunately NO.  It is a standard practice in the tobacco industry in general and online vape store that exchange or refund is not accepted. In case you have any defective device, you have to contact the manufacture directly.


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