hotel asset management soft branding decision case study

This assignment is a short case study in which you assume the role of a hotel development/ownership company that has just completed the purchase of a hotel asset in a secondary, but rapidly growing Midwest market. Using the information provided in the case, you will take a position on how to brand (or if to brand) this asset.
Your deliverable for this project:
In the form of a memo to your team, you will recommend whether the hotel should remain independent, affiliate as a core brand with a global franchisor, or affiliate as a soft brand with a global franchisor.
Your paper needs to consider the following:

The impact of a change in ownership, given the strong local ties of the existing owners.
The impact of the cost of renovation, systems, fees, and uniforms on a change in affiliation.
The impact of improved market share if affiliated.

Format requirements:

Microsoft Word
12 Point Font
Margins 1.5 inch top and bottom, 1 inch left and right.
No grammatical nor spelling errors
Minimum 2 pages.

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