how alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal violence

The impact that the increasing concern of how alcohol consumption affects the rate of interpersonal violence has had on biologists in Finland
Impact on Your Profession: Country Case Study
This paper must analyze the impact of your global trend on your profession, and the responses of practitioners, as it is practiced in one of the countries on the list provided by your instructor. The country itself must be as much the focus here as the trend and the profession. Focus on how the specific context of this country (economic, political, cultural, ethical, and/or historical factors) helps explains the impact of the trend upon your profession in that country. Explain what people can learn about your country by analyzing your trend and profession in that country.
Depending on your professional field and the country you are examining, the paper will present and support a thesis statement that focuses on:
• the impact of your global/regional trend on your profession as a whole throughout the country; or
• the impact of your trend on one specific corporation, industry or organization within your profession in that country; or
• the impact of your trend on the activities of one significant practitioner of your profession in that country.
You should conclude this paper by projecting into the future, speculating on how the trend in question might continue to impact your professional area both in the country you’ve addressed here and beyond, reflecting on the possible ramifications this may have for your field in the years ahead.


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