How Satire is necessary in Such a fun age

In Is Satire Saving Our Nation? Authors Sophia McClennan and Ramy Maisel argue that satire is very important in American society because it aims to invigorate public debate, encourage critical thinking, and call on citizens to question the status quo.In a 4 page essay, argue to what extent you agree with the above statement.  To what extent means that you can completely agree, mostly agree, completely disagree, or mostly disagree.  The only thing you cant do is half agree/half disagree because thats not an argument.
To support your opinion, choose a topic for Essay 2 and freewrite about it–you may also want to make a list of quotations from the book “Such a fun age” to help you illustrate your points., identifying what the satire is making fun of and how it is using exaggeration, incongruity, parody and showing to what extent it does or doesnt invigorate public debate, encourage critical thinking, call on citizens to question the status quo.
You do NOT need to define satire–anyone reading your essay already knows what it is– and you should not do any research–this is an opinion essay.  Im only interested in what YOU think.  You are all already good at analyzing satire and making arguments about it
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