How to build an work outline following a Toulmin analysis: 1. After you identify the components of your argument using a Toulmin model of analysis, you can organize your

How to build an work outline following a Toulmin analysis:
1. After you identify the components of your argument using a Toulmin model of analysis, you can organize your argument to fit any work structure.
2. For your Unit 3 Toulmin model argument work organize your work following the Classical Argument structure that you learned in Unit 1.
3. To get the most out of the research and writing you completed in Unit 1 and 2, remember the following:
a) Your original thesis needs to be rewritten to reflect your increased knowledge and it needs to include a qualifier.
b) Your sub-claims may be the same as they were in your Classical Argument, but they need to include qualifiers and you need to increase the amount of evidence you have to support/prove them.
c) Warrants and Backing are new concepts for this work,  but their addition is crucial to a strong argument. Review the lesson materials closely and ask your instructor or a tutor to help you if needed.
d) You know much more about the opposing arguments because of the research and writing you did for the Side A section of your Rogerian argument. Leverage that works to write a strong rebuttal section in this work. Include more than one counterclaim and use evidence from your research to weaken or disprove the counterarguments.
**Note: Some portions of your Classical Argument and Rogerian work may translate well for use in this work however, you MUST get your instructor’s permission if you want to re-use parts of those prior works**
The following page includes a skeleton outline you can copy/paste and fill out to complete your outline assignment.
Toulmin Model Argument work  Outline
I. Introduction
a. Main Claim (thesis) with a qualifier:
II. Narration – a neutral overview of your topic
III. Partition – an introduction to your issue and your position on it
II. Reasons/Grounds (sub-claims + evidence to prove them)
Sub claim 1 with a qualifier:
Sub claim 2 with a qualifier:
Sub claim 3 with a qualifier:
III. Warrants: (at least two shared values or common values that make your sub-claims acceptable to your audience)
Warrant 1:
Backing for warrant 1 (evidence that proves the warrant):
Warrant 2:
Backing for warrant 2 (evidence that proves the warrant):
IV. Rebuttal and Response: 
Counterclaim 1:
Evidence to disprove/weaken: 
Counterclaim 2:
Evidence to disprove/weaken:
VI. Conclusion:  
Read the instruction above and answer the question below in MLA format 150 words I need it in 24 hours
Invention Strategy
As an analysis tool, there is no rule about what outline should be followed when creating an argument based on the Toulmin model.
However, since we have been reflecting on the similarity between the  Classical Argument components and the Toulmin analysis terminology, and because you are continuing to work with the same topic you have been writing about this term, the outline for this unit’s work will be based on the Classical Argument outline.

Use the “Outline and Instructions – Toulmin Model” document in this lesson. The first page provides instructions and the second page has a skeleton outline you can copy into your document to help you structure your outline.
Complete your outline and upload it here.


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