human resources strategy ppt work

This is one PPT work, need at least 10 slides ppt, not include the first and last references page.
Need find one company and talk about that company’s HR issues, HR strategy, and mission of the company is in alignment with those policies
Here is the writing instruction :
“Students will work as teams (assigned by the Professor) to develop a PowerPoint® presentation on a current HR issue using topics in the text as a reference.
Following the rubric, complete a Situation Analysis for a public or private company using topics in the text to help guide your assessment. What are the major things you have learned about your company’s Human Resource strategy, and do you feel the mission of the company is in alignment with those policies?
Presentations should be creative, use hands-on involvement, have effective visual aids, while providing actual examples of the topic. Teams should use PowerPoint® to effectively bulletize / illustrate their material. Presentations should be no longer than 15 slides, but not less than 10 slides.
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