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Please answer the 2 part question here. Follow the question carefully and cite all work. Thank you!

Post Part 1

Select two (2) NHES #1 indicators from either Grades 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12 (To get to the standards and indicators, go to the CDC’s NHES website and click on the appropriate standard.) Discuss why you think these two indicators are important in regards to the health and wellness of emerging adolescents. When writing your response, consider the standard’s rationale (above), as well as the school, community, and adolescent health profile you completed. Support your opinion with personal experiences, a current news event, or facts/statistics. (If citing a current news event or facts/statistics, cite your source in APA format.)

Post Part 2

Next, identify a lesson on the KidsHealth in the Classroom website that complements at least one of your selected NHES 1 indicators. To get to the lessons, click on one of the Teacher Guide’s associated with your selected grade group. Then, review any of the lessons available within these three areas: Human Body, Health Problems, or Personal Health. Once you open one of these, you’ll need to choose a subtopic and teacher guide. [Note: I’m having you use this website so you can use it as a resource in the future.]

In your post, identify the specific NHES 1 indicator with which the lesson aligns and the lesson’s topic. Next, describe, in your own words, one of the lesson activities you think supports students’ development of your chosen indicator. Cite the text to support your ideas. Here is an example of an in-text citation (Benes & Alperin, 2016, p. 37). No reference list is needed.

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