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The effect of Big Data growth is felt everywhere. It is especially affecting how organizations are conducting their business to stay competitive in the marketplace. This assignment enables you to gain an understanding of what is Big Data and how organizations are using a framework for implementing Big Data to enhance their value. It presents a video of how Verizon Wireless uses Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture to analyze Big Data to reduce customer churn and stay competitive in the mobile carrier marketplace. Use this video along with other Web resources such as Wikipedia to answer the following questions in your teams.
Watch the following video and read the accompanying web post about Verizon Wireless.

Use the video/web post along with other Web resources to discuss and answer the following questions in your teams.

What is Big Data?
What is Big Data for Verizon Wireless?
What is the Unified Data Architecture?
What are its components?
How does the Unified Data Architecture help leverage Big Data?

Describe how Verizon Wireless uses the Unified Data Architecture to analyze Big Data.Consider this example of how Big Data is leveraged in organizations. Describe another business situation that involves Big Data (you can use a real company situation) and how the business can use the Unified Data Architecture to leverage Big Data.


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