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MIS    328-Business    Telecommunications Course Project

The purpose of this project is to provide the students with hands-on experience with computer networks.
There are three deliverables for this project (submission deadline week 12):

Final report describing the software and simulation results.


Project Teams

You can work individually or with a smaller team, (each team consists of 2 students). All students in a team are working on the same project.
All team members must take part in all project activities, although responsibilities may be divided so that different members take lead in different activities. However, no activity should be done exclusively by a single person. While the volume of work of group members on each project component may not be equal, their contribution to the overall project should equal out.

Project report

For this deliverable, every team is expected to submit a document describing their project.
The report should contain the following:
Every report must have a cover page containing:
. the course title,
. group number,
. project title,
. submission date, and all team-member names.
The second page of each report must detail the breakdown of individual contributions of each team member to the project.
The rest of the report must contain the following sections:
1)       Project Definition and usage.

Your project goal must be defined to support network connectivity for specific organization (Hospital, University, Ministry, country, city, firm… etc).

2)       Network Implementation Strategy Design.

Geographical Distribution
Bandwidth Requirements
Media Requirements

3)       Technology ( Minimum of 700 words)

What is available now
Minimum required for the job
Technology improvements during next 5 years
Required to support expected growth

4)       Draw and Describe the Network topology that will be used.

Hub-Based Ethernet
Switch-Based Ethernet

5)       Security plan for your project.


List all the references (books, journal/conference papers), web pages (include URL and webpage title) that have been used in the project.
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