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Read the following scenario and create a brochure addressing one of the presented problems.
Scenario: Leading a team of people who don’t know each other very well can be quite the challenge. But being an effective leader means that you can lead individuals and groups even when they aren’t performing at their best. Let’s pretend that you, and your team are on the Talent Acquisition committee for your hospital, and the CEO has asked for your team to conduct a training for the managers of all nursing and respiratory care departments on Managing Your Team. In this training, you need to present solutions to one of the following problems:
1. Poor team performance
2. High employee turnover
3. Resolving conflict in teams
Be sure that you cite your sources, and reference them appropriately. It is strongly suggested that you use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher so that you can save this project in the format of a brochure.
Writing Requirements (APA format)
• Microsoft Office Application
• Brochure or Handout to give to workshop attendees
• All members’ first and last name and the Team Name must be on the front of the brochure/handout. CREATE A BLANK AREA FOR MEMBERS TO BE ADDED
• References in the back of the document


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