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Task 6 International Business Strategies
Prior to moving a company into the international marketplace, leaders need to consider the cultural, political, legal, and economic factors of the global environment. This takes planning and developing strategies for the move. These strategies are affected by factors such as technological advances in communication and transportation.

Investigate strategies used by international companies. You will use the Internet and personal interview for this activity. You will also want to refer to Chapter 11 of your text for more information about concepts.

Choose a company that is global such as Starbucks, or Coke.
Describe who the company is and what product or services they provide and in what countries
Research the company to analyze:

Its Mission
Core competencies and value chain
Its multinational strategy and/or its global strategy
Corporate Strategies: Growth strategy, re-entrenchment strategy, stability strategy, or combination strategy
Business Strategies: such as low cost leadership, differentiation, or focus strategies
The organizational structure type

Make an infographic to show the analysis.

To prepare to devise a strategy to take a company international, learn more about analyzing international opportunities.

Read Chapter 12 section on focusing on the steps to 1. Identify basic appeal. 2. Assess the national business environment. 3. Measure market or site potential. 4. Select the market or site.
Make a drawing or copy of the diagram showing the steps to bring to the lesson.
Investigate primary and secondary market research. What are they? How is the research conducted? Make a diagram to show the elements of the two.

Learn about choosing a market site.

Read section 2 on selecting the Market site.

Western companies flooded into China when it opened its doors and allowed them to compete for market share in all sorts of industries. Yet, after several years many of these same companies either scaled back their operations in China or left the country entirely.

Where do you think these companies may have gone wrong in their analyses? Explain.
What role does the business media play in setting the tone for a nation’s investment climate?

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