Introduction Paragraph To Depression/Anxiety Among Adolescents

Type of paper Assignment
Subject Nursing
Number of pages 2
Format of citation APA
Number of cited resources 1
Type of service Writing
I need just an introduction paragraph describing depression and anxiety, with a focus on the adolescent community. Some instructions for the paragraph include: The purpose of this experience is to provide the community health student with the opportunity to apply the nursing process to the community health project. Each group of students will develop a community health promotion paper and presentation. Introduction * Purpose Identification of Target Population: Select a population or aggregate selected/defined and healthy people 2020 objective focused on your particular population. Each group must select one of the following community aggregates: a. Early and Middle Childhood Health b. Adolescent Health c. Women’s Health d. Men’s Health e. Older Adult Health Explain the nature and scope of the problem to be addressed and how the educational program will meet such a need for this population group Introduction and Overview Purpose Identification of Target Population. What is the problem?
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