market structure analysis on roku

•Write about the firm that sells the product you chose for your demand analysis

•The market consists of the firm that sells the product you studied this semester and the firms that sell the close substitutes

•Start with an introduction

–One or two paragraphs summarizing product

–One or two paragraphs describing the firm’s background and general operations

–Give the general characteristics of the market
•Type of product (homogeneous or differentiated
•Approximate number of firms in the market
–Focus on leading firms selling close substitutes
•Barriers to entry
–Based on these characteristics, what type of market is this?
•Monopolistic competition

•Identify the model

•Explain how the characteristics of this market would lead to this model

–Include a list of the main rivals in this market (product name & firm)

•Give detailed explanations

•Insert and carefully explain the graph for this market

•Predict what will happen next to the firm in this market
•Sweezy—prices and quantities sold very stable over many years
–Lots of strategic competition
•The firm is well aware of who are it’s main competitors
•Strategies include emphasis on product differentiation
–Lots of advertising
–Many unique product features
–Frequent upgrades
–Strategies depend only on price competition
–Prices keep getting lower and lower
–Profits equal zero
–Price leader
Price followers

•Sketch graphs correctly with all appropriate labels

•Describe and explain the graph within the text of your paper

•Support for your determination of market type and the specific oligopoly model by giving your educated opinions

•This is a simple paper that do not require references or citations

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