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Final Thesis Proposal (Writing Assignment #3) Make the corrections identified by your professional, add additional information supporting the requirements in the End of Program Manual and finalize the proposal. I read your paper. Below is the grading rubric, which I also embedded within your paper. An appropriate research method or research design has not been identified. A literature review paper is not rigorous enough for the capstone paper. Please see the syllabus, the EOP, and other resources listed in the courseroom for the type of rigor needed for the capstone paper. Please see embedded comments for further detail.
Here is another suggested thesis topic of how we could change the wording a bit:
The US today is undergoing a mass de-criminalization of marijuana. How might this bring changes to things like businesses, social gatherings, and the field of medicine?
I do not intend to utilize human test subjects, so our approach in these findings must come from peer-reviewed scholarly references and some government publications.
I will upload a sample paper of how it is to be formatted according to my university guidelines.
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