Maxwell Law of electromagnetic waves

Maxwell Law of electromagnetic wavesApril 26, 2021

(a) (5 pts) State the equations of maxwell Law of electromagnetic waves.(b) (10 pts) Show that the equation described below satisfy Maxwell’ssecond order differential equation of electromagnetic waveEy(x, t) = 5(N/C) sin(107 x – 3•1015t) kwhere t is in seconds and x is in meters..(c) (5pts) What is the direction and maximum value of the magnetic fieldstrength of the wave described by the above equation?
(16 pts) Young’s double-slit experiment is performed with 620-nm lightand a distance of 1.00 m between the slits and the screen. The 8thinterference minimum is observed 5.26 mm from the central maximum.Determine the spacing of the slits.
(17 pts) An unpolarized light 4 W/m2in intensity is passed through apolarizer and two other analyzers as depicted below. The transmissionaxes are θ1=20o, θ2 = 10oand θ3 = 70o with respect to the vertical axis.What is the intensity of the light after it passes the last analyzer?Polarizer 1st analyzer 2nd analyzerθ1 θ2 θ3
(16 pts) Use Ray Tracing Diagram to locate the position and height of theimage by a diverging lens. Give percent error with the theoreticalcalculation using lens makers equation. The focal length of the lens is 5cm, the distance of the object from the lens is 10 cm and the height of theobject is 4 cm.
(16 pts) Calculate the minimum thickness of a soap-bubble film thatresults in constructive interference in the reflected light if the film isilluminated with light whose wavelength in free space is λ = 620 nm.
(15 pts) A grating with 50 grooves/mm is used with an incandescent lightsource. Assume the visible spectrum to range in wavelength from 400 nmto 700 nm. In how many orders can one see (a) the entire visible spectrumand (b) the short-wavelength region of the visible spectrum?

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The post Maxwell Law of electromagnetic waves first appeared on nursing writers.
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