Measuring distances using lat/long coordinates

Measuring distances using lat/long coordinates. (5 points) Show ALL work Part 1: Pick any location in the city of Tempe (e.g. your apartment or a bar/restaurant you go to or a building on campus) and any location in the city of Tucson and obtain their coordinates from Google Earth (or any other source). (i) Calculate the distance in miles between the two locations using Pythagoras’ theorem (1 point) (ii) Calculate the distance in miles between them using spherical geometry (1 point) (iii) Calculate the percentage difference between the two measurements using (Pythagorean dist – Spherical dist) x 100/Spherical Dist. (1 point) Part 2: (iv) Repeat steps (i) to (iii) above but calculate the distance between New York City and Los Angeles. Again, show your calculations. (1 point) (v) Explain any difference in the two percentages you have calculated. (1 point)


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