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1.Formulate and support introduction on an approved topic/20 points/Clearly and precisely summarizes the research project introduction.
2.Evaluate and explain the approved topic details/ Presents a logical explanation for findings and addresses most of the details.
3.Create written communications appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context.(Tailors communication to purpose, context, and target audience. Clearly articulates the thesis and purpose, and supports the thesis and purpose with authentic and appropriate evidence. Provides smooth transitions and leaves no awkward gaps from point to point. Shows coherent progress from the introduction to the conclusion with no unnecessary sections.)
4.Formulate and support conclusions on an approved topic.( Clearly and precisely conveys well-reasoned conclusions or solutions. Thoroughly evaluates assumptions underlying viewpoints, solutions, or conclusions, and clearly identifies alternative viewpoints, perspectives, methods, and the basis of reasoning)
5.Use of Authoritative Sources / Resources(Work contains a reference list containing entries for all cited resources. Reference list entries and in-text citations are correctly formatted using the appropriate IEEE style for each type of resource.
6.Satisfy standards of writing style and grammatical correctness(No formatting, grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.)
Must Pass turnitin
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