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Complete a scholarly and Holistic change project that evolves throughout the program of study and is praxis and technology driven. The course requires a change project following a research methods paper not a trends and issues paper.  Remember the research course. That is what you need to apply here not an essay on a significant clinical project. This is the outline you need: 
Introduction to the significance of the issue including epidemiological data 
PICO Summary 
Theoretical Framework 
Literature review to support the clinical problem, the clinical population to be addressed, the intervention planned and effectiveness 
Target population 
Research Design Variables used to measure effects of the change project you plan and how you will measure the effectiveness of the planned change 
How will the training or improvement be Implemented, by whom, over what time frame 
Data collection plan 
Planned method of data analysis 
Potential limitation or barriers to implementing the project and how to over come these Conclusions 
Data collection 
*You did just fine until you got to the methods section which you did not write. You lost sight of the outline I gave you. Please follow it after the literature review section. This is not a research methods paper which is what you need to do in a change project. You did not look up anything related to the style of writing a research project. You inserted the content you already wrote which was copied and pasted it into my outline and then when you had no content to put into the remainder of the outline, you came to a conclusion. Follow the outline please 
*Follow the outline. Ask questions when it gets too complex. Make an attempt to learn and apply the EBP process to lead change in practice. 
*Follow the outline, what you submitted was very incomplete. You stopped following my outline after the literature review section. You gave no epidemiological data to substantiate the problem.


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