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Personal Worldview Reflection Paper
In this 1500-2000 words paper, describe your worldview and what has brought you to view life this way. Use the acronym TAKES from Anderson’s reading for this week to provide the five points from which to organize your paper.  Supporting arguments may be used from Wright and Keller and other sources.In your paper trace early influences, significant persons, key decisions, and important events by relating outward facts and your thoughts about these influences and experiences. The focus is on how you developed the values, priorities, and morals that you hold today. In grading this paperr the instructor will base the grade on the quality of writing and the level of interaction you have, NOT on the content of your story. Your story is just that: “your story.”
The Paper should be professionally written and submitted in the APA format. Include an APA cover page and References. Please note that this Faith and Life is your capstone course.  Through all details of this paper, demonstrate how the knowledge, experience and skills you have developed so far have “shaped and equipped you to shape the world”.


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