Prescriptive Authority and the Physician Assistant Paper Homework Help

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1.Prescriptive Authority and the Physician Assistant: Please describe and explain the following:

a.Overview of PA Role




e.Legal Foundation of Prescriptive Authority

2.What are the prescribing practices of physicians?

3.As primary care nurse practitioners (NPs) continue to develop their role as prescribers of medications, what will become most important?

4.What is the significance for a primary care NP who will practice in a state in which the governor has opted out of the federal facility reimbursement requirement. How does this define how NPs may write prescriptions?

5.Do CRNAs require a DEA number? Why or Why not?

6.What does the current trend to transition the NPs to the Doctorate level mean? Why has The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recommended this?

7.What is an important difference between physician assistants (PAs) and NPs?


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