5. Final Exams

5. Final Exams


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Final Exams


With the final exams service, I login personally to take your final exam. In most cases, and given my extensive experience, I score more than 90% in most exams. Yet, I only guarantee 80% or more grade. If I score below than 80%, I refund the percentage of the wrong answers.




The standard plan apply to most exams where there are 30 questions or less. Must be online exam. No written responses. 


Select the Gold plan when your exam is 50 questions, or if your exam is a Math, Accounting, Finance, or Statistics ( QNT). 


Select this if your exam is more than 50 questions, and if it is related to complex and more advanced Math, Accounting , Finance or Statistics (QNT).  

How to order

  1. Click on the order now button below to be directed to the order page.
  2. Select the final exam plan, and the deadline, then click add to cart, then checkout.
  3. At the checkout page, enter coupon code “15off” for an instant 15% OFF discount, in the “Have a coupon” section.
  4. Fill-out the form information & submit your payment.
  5. Email me your school URL, Login, and password, The name of the exam and directions how to access the exam. ( Once your order is complete, I will replay to your email with the exam score).