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Welcome to Lindashelp Platinum Services

Entire Class / Entire Week Plans 


** $5 processing fees will be added to all orders 

NOTE : Before placing an order make sure to read the below very carefully. 


What is an Entire Class / Entire Week Plan Platinum Services ?

It is a premium service for elite students, where I take care of all class/week activities..

What does the service include? 

Everything. I login personally to your account ( you don’t even have to login to your class ), I complete all week/class activities including but not limited to : Discussion questions, learning team assignments, individual assignments, labs ( if any ) and final exams.

Do you guarantee any grade ? 

Yes, Even though I usually score +90% in all classes, I only guarantee 80% or more of the final grade. If the final grade is 70% or more, I refund 30% of your payment. If the final grade less than 70% I refund 100% of your payment.

How Much it cost ? 

Here is the cost of plans

  • Weekly plans : cost $450, after discount $350
  • 5 week class plan : Cost $2000, after discount $1400
  • 6 week class plan : Cost $2400, after discount $1650
  • 8 week class plan : Cost $3200, after discount $2200

How to order LindasHelp Entire Class / Entire Week Plan Platinum Services ?

Select an option from the plans above. after selecting the plan, click add to cart then checkout. fill the form, and include the school URL, username and password, then submit your payment.