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I’m working on a business law question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Step 1: Choose/create one of the following for your business

1. a product for sale (you can sell something)

2. a process to make your product (design a plan on how to manufacturer something, i.e., the recipe to your grandmother’s famous spaghetti sauce (ingredients and method)), or

3. design a logo for your business.

Step 2: Now that you have created your intellectual property, decide what you would like to do to legally protect your creation and answer the accompanying questions

1. register a Trademark (where do you go to register a Trademark? what is the criteria for receiving a Trademark? what is the process? why did you choose a Trademark?)

2. register a Copyright (where do you go to register a Copyright? what is the process? why did you choose a Copyright?)

3. register a Patent (where do you go to register a Patent? what is the process? what are the criteria for a Patent? why did you choose a Patent?)

4. have a Trade Secret (no need to register this; why did you choose to have a trade secret instead of a Patent? what are some famous trade secrets? provide an example of a time that a trade secret became public – was the holder of the trade secret able to file a lawsuit to protect their trade secret?)

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