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Question 11 pts
 Ch 13: Assistive Technology assessments are exactly the same from district to district, agency to agency, and state to state as the process is identified in P.L. 94-142.
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 2
Question 21 pts
 Ch 13: Which of the following professionals could be called upon to participate in an AT assessment? Select all that apply.
Group of answer choices

Special Education Teacher

General Education Teacher

Speech-language pathologists

Occupational therapists,
Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
 Ch 13: An AT assessment must always be school-focused, that is based on the school’s available technology, not the student’s needs. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 4
Question 41 pts
 Ch 13: Which of the following is  not considered in AT evaluations?
Group of answer choices

Student interests, strengths, and needs

The physical environments in which the student functions on a regular basis

The availability of the technology in the school

The attitudes of the teachers and others related to the technology
Flag question: Question 5
Question 51 pts
 Ch 13: The trial use of a piece of technology before purchasing is a waste of time.  It is better just to get purchase the technology and get started. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 6
Question 62 pts
 Ch 13: There are multiple skills that need to be evaluated in an AT assessment. Match the AT skill with its applied example that should be assessed.
Group of answer choices
Functional skill
Operational skill
Social skill
Strategic skill
Flag question: Question 7
Question 71 pts
CH 13 AT assessments usually occur in one assessment session, typically lasting 30 minutes, and then the information is secured in the student’s cumulative folder for future reference. No follow up assessments are ever needed.
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 8
Question 81 pts
 Ch 13: An AT assessment is a “one-and-done” process, meaning you do it once for the student and don’t need to do it again. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 9
Question 91 pts
Ch. 13: Which of the following is true regarding AT assessments
Group of answer choices

Sufficient technology support and training must be provided

The focus is on the needs of the student, not the ease of the school to provide the technology

Consideration should be given to environmental issues such as portability and power supply required

All of the choices
Flag question: Question 10
Question 102 pts
 Ch 13: The SETT framework is frequently used to guide the AT assessment process. Match each of the components of the SETT framework with one of the questions assessed during that component for the student Harper who wants to join the P.E. Class.  
Group of answer choices
Flag question: Question 11
Question 111 pts
Ch 13: Which is NOT true with respect to the AT Assessment team,
Group of answer choices

parents or caregivers are an important part of the team

some schools have an AT specialist who is on the team

the student should not be part of the team

some team members are optional depending on the potential needs of the student
Flag question: Question 12
Question 121 pts
Ch. 13: Jeremy knows when he should use the raised paper and pencil grip for a school task.  He must have received excellent training in ___________________ skills with respect to use of AT tools.
Group of answer choices




Flag question: Question 13
Question 131 pts
 Ch 14: It is good to consider AT in the IEP process but the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) did not mandate it.
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 14
Question 141 pts
Ch 14:  The AT being considered for a student with disabilities and the rationale for its use and supporting evidence must be in the IEP.
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 15
Question 151 pts
Ch 14:  If the IEP team determines that AT is not needed for a student with disabilities, that needs to be indicated on the IEP.
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 16
Question 161 pts
Ch 14: For technologies to be considered in an IEP, they must relate to one of the annual goals. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 17
Question 171 pts
Ch. 14: Which of the following would be considered a related service need for technology on a student’s IEP.
Group of answer choices

Text-to-speech app

Specialized transportation

cochlear implant
Flag question: Question 18
Question 181 pts
Ch. 14:  Once the technology is selected, one of the quality indicators and an effective approach to using technology to support a student with disabilities is to train the student, family, and staff on the use of the technology.  
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 19
Question 191 pts
CH 14: Today, most teachers and other educational professionals are well trained and highly skilled in considering students’ technology needs. So, they need little training or support. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 20
Question 201 pts
Ch 14: The digital divide has been or currently refers to the following. Select all that apply
Group of answer choices

the gap between people who had access to computers and the Internet and people who did not

gap is about how people use technology and the impact it has on them
Flag question: Question 21
Question 211 pts
Ch. 14 U.S. federal law mandates that IEP teams consider whether a student would benefit from assistive technology
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 22
Question 221 pts
Ch 14: Decisions on whether a student needs various technologies in schools are required to be based on
Group of answer choices

the student’s IEP goals

the desires of the parents

the desires of the student

the availability of money in the budget for the technology
Flag question: Question 23
Question 231 pts
Ch. 14: If the need for technology for the student is agreed upon at the IEP meeting, it must be documented on the IEP itself along with the rationale. 
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 24
Question 241 pts
Ch. 14: Dominick has a physical disability.  He needs a special van to pick him up in his wheelchair to bring him to school. With respect to his IEP, this would best be described as a ___________________________
Group of answer choices

supplementary aid

All of the choices


related service
Flag question: Question 25
Question 251 pts
Ch. 14: DEA requires that school districts provide assistive technology devices and services at no charge to students’ families if the assistive technology is deemed necessary for students to benefit from a free appropriate public education (FAPE).
Group of answer choices


Flag question: Question 26
Question 261 pts
Ch. 14: Mr. and Mrs. Levy have health insurance and they used their insurance to purchase Leon a communication device.  Although a lot of the cost was covered by the insurance company, the Levy’s still had to pay a deductible and out-of-pocket fee.  It is most likely that the school is still responsible for covering those fees. 
Group of answer choices



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