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I did my internship in Gilchrist as a Healthcare management I worked on epic system I learned a lot form this system which is organize patient information, fax and scan patient information. My project was about Lean daily management my part is Better health which is the doctor should see the patient within 24 hours and this the goal if not we should found the solution of this problem. I collect the data every week and do chart about it and I present this to employee so this is enhance my knowledge and work skills as team.
I want you to write reflection paper about my experience.

The written, typed reflective paper should be 4-5 pages long, double spaced, include headings, 12-point Times Roman font with 1-inch margins.Using the objectives listed above as a basis for your reflection, you should answer the following questions:

In what ways was the internship experience valuable to you?
What specific experiences did you feel challenged you, were “stretches” and made you grow as a professional?
How successful were you in attaining the goals identified in your Learning Contract and/or Learning Logs? (this thing I should submit it every week to write what I did in this week and what I meet from my goal which is learn epic system and improve healthcare management skills)
What could you have done differently during your internship to improve the learning experience?

I tried to attaché the sample but it doesn’t work so I can send it to your email
Thank you
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