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Rethinking the International Relations
So, I would like from you two things if you do not mind:
 (3000 words) In research paper.
 (Use at least 14 academic primer resources).  do not use second resources

Choose one of the questions :
 1-      Sovereignty is an ideological tool of powerful states. Discuss
2-      How important was nationalism as a driver of decolonisation?
3-      Does the war in Ukraine signal the end of New Wars?
4-      In what ways do US Counter-Insurgency strategies in Afghanistan and Iraq replicate the ‘savage wars‘ of Western colonialism?
5-      Are the principles of human security compatible with the search for national security?
6-      Does securitisation generate security or insecurity and for whom? Discuss with relation to either migration or climate or disease.
7-      Global Governance is destined to fail in a world of sovereign states. Discuss
8-      Do International Organisations challenge or reinforce hegemonic power?

1-      Do not use short points you need to explain more.
2-       (Use at least 14 academic primer resources).  do not use second resources.
3-      3000 words research paper.



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